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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.02.09 PM Transferring shape memory polymers to solar responsive architectural applications.

The VALVE research integrates simulation and prototype testing for a Thermo-Chromic Valve Wall next-generation building envelope system. In collaboration with the Syracuse School of Architecture, the Syracuse College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute, the IDVL investigates the performance of shape memory polymeric technology for solar responsive architectural applications. Through variable thermal control and light transmittance at the building envelope, the Thermo-Chromic Valve Wall uses thermally active shape memory polymer valves to regulate solar heat gain, surface reflectivity, and daylight transmission, while offering opportunities for user-overrides and new interior and exterior spatial effects.


Design Research Team:

  • Amber Bartosh
  • Bess Krietemeyer
  • David Shanks
  • Patrick Mather
  • Lorne Covington/NOIRFLUX
  • RAs: Colin Hoover, Fengqi Li
  • Special thanks to Mitchie Qiao



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