Exploring state-of-the-art VR systems for a virtual design and energy analysis process

Visualizing energy based data according to multiple perspectives and performance criteria is critical to understanding its spatiotemporal character, impacts on comfort, and meaning in the design decision-making process. This research examines how a virtual environment for design and analysis (VEDA) enhances design decision making through visualization techniques combining solar irradiation mapping with interactive virtual reality tools.Applications include first person visualization of architectural design proposals, interactivity with bioresponsive fa├žade systems,┬ánavigational techniques through urban energy scale analyses, and experimental immersive simulations with energy data. The IDVL supports exploration and testing of multiple combinations of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) for transformative, hybrid-reality design environments for interdisciplinary collaboration.










Design Research Team:

  • Amber Bartosh
  • Bess Krietemeyer
  • RA: Fengqi Li

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